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The Academy aims to provide an environment where the race, language, culture, religion and socioeconomic circumstances of each learner do not act as unreasonable barriers to him accessing or progressing in any aspect of school life.

All learning and teaching at the Academy will generally take place through the medium of English.

  • Prospective learner/parent makes contact with the Study Centre
  • Fill in Audition/Aptitude form.
  • Parent of minor receives request with date for audition and aptitude assessment.
  • Prospective learner auditions and writes an English and Mathematics aptitude to assess ability to cope with the international curriculum.
  • Parent receives tentative acceptance/rejection following interview of prospective student. Study Center application form is filled and submitted day of interview.
  • Student and parent are interviewed followed by full acceptance or rejection and the parent makes payment of acceptance and registration fee.
  • New student/parent receives new student package pertaining to uniform, uniform, books, stationery, and where applicable boarding application 


The code of conduct is forever developing, and it covers the following topics:
A. General Principles
B. School and Class Attendance
C. School Uniform and General Appearance
D. Valuables and Personal Belongings
E. Study Centre Rules
F. Boarding Rules
G. Rules Governing Public Place
H. Study Centre Enrichment Programme
I. Accommodation of Religious or Cultural Rights

The above are discussed in detail on request.


Tebogo Kgobokoe Arts Academy follows the international school term system. There are 3 school terms generally divided as follows;

  1. First Term:   January, February, March (April Holiday)
  2. Second Term:  May, June, July (August Holiday)
  3. Third Term:  September, October, November (December Holiday)

A 3 to 4 day mid-term break is available every term. Please note that any school event, including competitions that coincides with the break has precedence over the term. These dates may be subject to change.


A Study Centre progress report will be sent out to Parents at the end of each school term. It is advisable that Parents place a meeting with the Principal and/or Class teacher at least once a term.


  • Audition fee of R500 is non-refundable and payable before audition day or at Audition Venu
  • The Audition forms are available at Audition venu Alternatively you can email a form request to and are to be submitted PHYSICALLY ON audition day.
  • A dance piece of 1 minute (60 seconds) of your chosen genre is to be prepared and will be performed before a panel judges on Audition day.
  • Prospective learners are also given choreographed pieces to present to the judges in any one of the 5 dance genres offered at the Academy.
  • Academic assessments  in  Mathematics  and  English  are  written  on  the  day  of  the Audition.
  • An interview with a judging panel is also carried out on the day of Audition.
  • Prospective learners are to bring along with ID copy, 2017 to current report, Dance CV / Brief Profile and Audition fee.



  1.  Non-refundable Audition/ Assessment fee.
  2.  Non-refundable annual registration fee.
  3.  Learners (if minor, persons responsible for fees) having outsourced bursaries and/or scholarships, should assure bursary or sponsor  pay full annual fees by commencement of the school year.
  4. Termly tuition fee option: due and payable by the first day of January, May and September
  5. A FULL term’s notice, in writing, or the equivalent fee in lieu thereof is required prior to the withdrawal of a pupil. Failing which parent/ guardian is eligible for the full term’s fees
  1. Costs for tours, school excursions and outings are due and payable when advised of the the event.
  2. The fees below EXCLUDE external academic and dance, examinations, competitions, text books, stationary packs, excursions and private extra-mural activities.

For a pure academic program please contact the school.

You can complete our online application Form, or download the application form, fill it out..

You can download our prospectus, audition form and application form for 2019 which can be completed offline.

* If you are downloading a form, it must be printed, completed and submitted by email to or delivered by hand at the stipulated audition venue. Only certified supporting documents will be accepted.

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